FEBRIS feature movie


Web Design
Crystal Hart

Creative Direction
Steve Teare


Job name: FEBRIS
website: febris-movie.com

Project start date: June 1 wireframe homepage.
Final delivery: 30 days – JULY 1, 2023.


  1. Product Description
    FEBRIS is a feature-length debut film written and directed by Levi Teare.
  2. Differentiating Features
    FEBRIS is a black-and-white noir murder mystery reminiscent of old movies from the 1940s (like Humphrey Bogart detective movies). It’s rating is PG-13 viewing. FEBRIS is a no-budget film shot on location on the Palouse with volunteer actors.
  3. Target Audience
    Invited regional and online audience.


  1. IMAGES: Header image – 2000 x 1200px, 2-embedded JPEG images scene stills from Levi, title, bkg image (?).
  2. Customized Button for download purchase of PDF (script) – EDD plugin – PDF provided by Steve. Download contains a link and password for viewing FEBRIS on VIMEO.
  3. Homepage concept design. Copy provided by Steve. A YouTube trailer will be displayed on the homepage.
  4. Navigational links in header and footer to placeholder pages 1) Home, 2) “making of” page, 3) contact/about page, 4) and press page.
  5. Logotype – If needed. Use Big Noodle Titling font. Keep it simple. https://www.dafont.com/bignoodletitling.font
  6. Details on Tone, Message, and Style
    The feeling is nostalgic, dark, 1930 and 1940s style, and foreboding. The audience is families.
  7. Web Typography: Default web-safe font used on a default WordPress theme.
movie poster

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