Little bedtime reading books for gifted children.

The Imaginary Misadventures of Jelly Belly Bear


Steve Teare

Creative Brief

1. Product Description

This product is a series of small children’s books for sale online.

2. Features Differentiating Jelly Belly

Our book stories have long, fun and unconventional words to entertain and intellectually stimulate gifted children.

The locale of the Jelly Belly stories is at the foot of Moscow mountain in a wooded area on Teare Road. Era is 1880 to 1910.

3. Target Audience

Buyers are predominately mothers and grandmothers of children they suspect may be gifted. The books are collectible.

4. Deliverables

a. Product Identity style guide.

b. Each small book has 3 pieces of art:

  • cover art
  • center-spread illustration
  • organic illustration embedded in word-wrap. These may be extracted or cutout from other artwork.

c. There are 8 books. Some shorter ones may be combined. The goal is to allow future release of more misadventures to add to the bundle.

All books are in separate text files. Book numbering and order may be changed if desired.

  • intro
    350 words
    Writing Style guide

  • Book-1
    808 words
    Geronimo Jelly Belly and White Cloud.

  • Book-2
    1706 words
    The Buckaroos.

  • Book-3
    1110 words
    Jelly Belly and Bone Magic

  • Book-4
    477 words
    The Hydrogen Chronicles

  • Book-5
    814 words
    Invisible Animal Crackers

  • Book-6
    1305 words
    Treasure in the Crow’s-nest

  • Book-7
    1372 words
    Pinecone Cooking

  • Book-8
    2060 words
    Aurora you all right?

  • outro
    242 words

5. Competition

6. Details on Tone, Message, and Style

Watercolor and sketch illustration ala Beatrice Potter. The books have a nostalgic feel.


7. Typography

Something traditional for children like Century Schoolbook in larger than small adult text (14 point?). Reverse-engineer Potter book typography. Popular during potter’s lifetime: 1866-1943


8. Project Lead

Kendra Heim

Unexpected Collaborative Design