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e-commerce redesign

25 March 2020

UX Design
Matt Stern

Product Strategy
Steve Teare


Creative Brief

1. Product Description

We are introducing PagePipe intellectual property called SpeedHospital. Website developers use these plugins and tutorials for speed-tuning sites. They then increase their income selling $500 speed tuning services to existing and new clientele.

Recapture your investment on your first speed project.

Sell performance optimization services to your existing and new web clientele. We offer lightweight speed tuning plugins for professional web developers. No coding skills required.

Each bundle includes:

  • ZIP files: specialized collection of discrete speed plugins. Discreet plugins are lightweight and have few or no settings. They are plugin-and-play. They load 50-times faster than popular-and-heavy, multi-function plugins.
  • eBook PDF file: why to use them.
  • MP4 video file: how to install and check performance results.

These files are in a 140MB ZIP folder download. There is no renewal fee. These plugins are evergreen. They don’t require updates. You only pay once. We’ve torture-tested them for 5 years on PagePipe website – and client sites. These plugins have unlimited usage on yours or client websites. No owner registration required. No API sign-up required. No slow remote server requests.

The best value is buying all eight plugins in the SpeedHospital SuperBundle – and save over $100.

Mobile speed tools without coding.

Value: $601. Sale price: $499 save $102.
Buy in the next 30 minutes and get the free bonus KrunchKore rescue kit.

Developers recapture the SpeedHospital SuperBundle purchase price with their first website performance optimization fee. We teach you how we do it.

LIGHTWEIGHT PLUGINS: BUILT FOR SPEED. No coding. Hardly any settings. No annual renewal fees.

Unavailable elsewhere. PagePipe exclusive offer.

SpeedRescue price $265

Collection of five discrete plugins purpose-built for one goal: improving mobile and desktop page speed. These plugins are lightweight. They won’t load down your website. We’ve tested these plugins on client sites and our own for over 5 years. We use them to sell $500 performance optimization services to our clientele. Synergistic uncomplicated and unpretentious optimization plugins. Price $265 for all five. Unlimited usage. No annual renewal fees. Contains the following discrete plugins:

Speed up your website. Turn heavy plugins on or off for precise WordPress pages or posts. Selective plugin activation is your secret mobile-speed strategy. It’s best to deactivate heavy plugins on pages where they’re not needed. JavaScript, CSS files, and SQL queries are then reduced during page load. Restrict heavy plugins to just pages where needed. unlimited usage.

Get it in the SuperBundle.

PerfMatters plugin (our competitor) is $25 per year. You get unlimited usage for unlimited sites! That is worth $125 per year! Bonus.

Examine the load time of each plugin on your site. Then we teach you how to use the Pareto 80/20 principle to isolate the worst offenders for treatment with two of our powerful speed plugins: SpeedSwitch and TourniKit (described above)unlimited usage.

Leverage browser caching. Various online speed tests report this fault condition as slowing down pages. But they don’t explain much about what it is and how to fix it. It’s easy – and this is the simple plugin solution. unlimited usage.

Not only can we dequeue Font Awesome, we can get rid of Google fonts and other heavy assets like unused sliders that have universal page loads. Take control over the scripts and styles enqueued on your site. To enqueue means to add scripts and styles from themes and plugins waiting for processing (standing in line). These show up as requests in speed test waterfalls. Now you can turn those delays off when unneeded.  unlimited usage.

WordPress theme developers normally use the resident jQuery included with WordPress. It loads when your site is visited by users.

The fastest jQuery is the one you never have to load. Why? Because it’s already in the browser cache. Google’s CDN serves the jQuery file with headers that cache the file for up to one year. This creates a potent effect of “cross-site caching.”

Letting Google handle part of your site’s JavaScript footprint free of charge is too good to pass up. It’s an easy optimization because Google CDN has a vast caching advantage. The genius for this speed strategy is the universal long-term storage of the Google CDN address in browser caches.

Load Google CDN jQuery from your browser cache – instead of WordPress – with Instant-jQ plugin. No settings needed.  unlimited usage.

SmooshKit price $336

Collection of four discrete plugins purpose-built for one goal: improving image load times. Synergistic uncomplicated and unpretentious optimization plugins. This is not like the free Smush or API. Those lossless plugins only compress images 10 percent. price $237. unlimited usage. No annual renewal fees. Contains the following 4 discrete plugins:

Convert wrong-format images and create optimum compression. Speed up your pages. If your photograph images weigh 500k to 1M, this is the fastest fix. You want skinny lossy formats, not fat lossless images. Lossy photos are 70 to 80 percent smaller file sizes. Lossy doesn’t mean bad or lousy. Fix your entire media library. There is no loss of visual quality. Unneeded data is removed. Lessen the photo size with unnoticeable removal of information. Use this plugin for media library repair and maintenance. unlimited usage.

Retroactively resizes huge image uploads in your media library. Correctly size and compress oversized new uploads. Savings of up to 70 or 80 percent file size. Make backups faster with a reduced media library. Keep this plugin activated for best results. unlimited usage.

This plugin pulls images and iframes into the browser display screen only when they are visible to the user. This reduces the number of HTTP requests. And improves page load time. SmooshLazy plugin works on thumbnails, all images in post content, or in widget text. Replace Youtube iframes by a clickable thumbnail to speed up web page load time. Defer initialization until needed. unlimited usage.

FREEBIE plugin collection included with SuperBundle purchases.

Collection of 4 discrete plugins to strip or disable unneeded and unused baggage. Instruction video included. WordPress added the speed baggage to core over the years. These non-features slow down every page and post of your site. Now you can finally remove the slowness imposed by goofy features added by WordPress committee bureaucracy. Disable them without programming or coding. free unlimited usage.

These 4 super lightweight plugins are downloadable from the WordPress plugin directory. We show you where they are hiding in the 55,000 listing. These specialty plugins allow you to choose disconnecting any or all of the following performance-killing slugs:

  • oEmbeds
    Keep heavy junk from being pulled into your pages from remote sites.
  • Emojis
    Get rid of the deadwood.
  • Google Fonts
    Shave up to 300-milliseconds off global load time.
  • Site Icon
    The fastest way to load your site icon for mobile users. Don’t use the WordPress Customizer feature. It causes bloat.

2. Features Differentiating PagePipe

So what makes us different? We teach skills of how to “make speed.” We show alternative no-coding plugin solutions to speed tune sites. People say PagePipe isn’t like any other website. But they rarely say why. But here is what readers have said:

  • Expert plugin tips for speed.
  • Ability to make money with the speed skills. And keep prices high for client services.
  • ROI is high when buying the bundle.
  • It’s straight talk and professional.
  • Reduced annual site overhead.
  • Unlike other teaching. Unconventional and unique. Different and fresh perspective to speed problem solving.
  • Easy decision-making choosing plugins and themes.
  • Real speed results by myself.
  • Unbiased and effective speed help.
  • Saved money not having to buy renewable pro plugins.
  • For non-programmers. No coding required.
  • Steered clear of potential pitfalls like free CDNs.

We’re defenders of hospitality more than vanity metrics.

We care about page speed. Not only because we’re curious about technology and love creativity. Those are true. But the biggest reason is fast-loading web pages are a kindness. “Build with Empathy” is our mantra.

Treat your audience as you’d like to be treated. They sense that Golden Rule in their subconscious. Your site feels like a good place, a pleasant home. That’s what speed can do. People appreciate your caring. Humans first.

Speed saves money.

We improve site origin optimization. You then avoid website increased annual overhead cost caused by popular and paid plugins and theme annual rental fees. Also, it reduces hosting costs with cheaper shared servers and no CDN or server cache fees. The performance goal is two-second page load times or better. Our approach to solving mobile performance problems is unconventional and creative. We provide speed alternatives for International site-owners and developers who use low-cost, shared hosting without CDN.

3. Target Audience

Customers are 25-percent domestic and 75-percent international web developers and site owners. Decision makers are self-taught web engineers. 80-percent of our audience read on desktop computers.

  • Engineers read a lot of marketing content. Providing them with useful content specific to their needs through content marketing, SEO and email is an effective way to reach this audience.
  • Engineers hate marketing fluff. Drop the hype and provide them with solid data they can use.
  • Engineers are highly risk averse. Make sure we do all we can to get them to know and trust our brand.
  • Engineers need to know our solution is compatible with theirs, so we provide plenty of technical detail in our marketing content.
  • Engineers are always looking for proven know-how to help them solve problems. We can build trust and loyalty by providing them with solid problem-solving information in our content.
  • Engineers trust their peers. Give them sound, authoritative content that draws on the knowledge of our own engineering expertise.

4. Deliverables

1@ Catalog SuperBundle buy-now-button homepage. With KrunchKore bonus incentive (scarcity timer). Links to components: SpeedRescue and Smooshkit.

2@ ecommerce product pages (SpeedRescue and Smooshkit). The buyer can also buy the SuperBundle from these pages (upsell button). These pages fan out to the plugin information pages.

8@ plugin pages. These are descriptive and not purchase pages for plugins. They are for upselling to SuperBundles (transaction gateway to PayPal).

3@ PDF covers: SpeedRescue, Smooshkit, KrunchKore.

5. Competitors = 36

All boast WordPress Speed Optimization Services.
PagePipe doesn’t even rank for that search phrase. So who the heck are we in searchers minds?

Competition Observations:

  1. Prices start low. Typically around $100. The high end is around $1,000. But many insist on bidding services and won’t give a fix price.
  2. All 35 homepages have a title saying, “WordPress speed optimization services.”
    But one said, “Turn your slow WordPress site into a supercharged powerhouse.” Better but not quantifiable. Unprovable claim. “Optimization” sounds like a jargon buzzword. They don’t have a motivating benefits oriented headline.
  3. Tons of rocket logos. And the second place cliche logo is a timer or gauge.
  4. Page-design quality is fluffy and low motivation. Lots of popups and chats. Most pages actually load slow.
  5. They don’t really teach speed. They just do site tune ups.
  6. You suggested dumping “Speed Clones” I agree. It’s meaningless. And rounding the bundle to $69. Makes sense.
2.01 seconds – $500

There are at least 8 noteworthy WordPress speed service competitors:
2.10 seconds – The WordPress Speed Optimization Service $158 to $1,397
990 milliseconds- WordPress speed optimization service $179 to $495
4.05 seconds – WordPress Speed Optimization Service $67 to $197 per month
1.58 seconds – WordPress Speed Optimization unpublished prices
5.30 seconds – WordPress Speed Optimization Service $177 to $447
2.64 seconds – WordPress Speed Optimization Service $89
1.24 seconds – WordPress Speed Optimization Service $200 to $300
3.43 seconds – WordPress Speed Optimization $220 to $1000

Honorable mentions:

$28 to $112


$497 –


$299 to $

$150 to $

$149 to $

$100 to $

$100 to $150 –



$85 to $

$65 to $


6. Details on Tone, Message, and Style

The feeling is energetic, exciting, dynamic. The audience is 70- to 80-percent male. The theme is “medical” but not sterile or painful (fear).

7. Typography

The website will use fast-loading utilitarian mobile system fonts. We will not use webfonts (aka Google Fonts). Resist the temptation.

PagePipe is a speed technology company.

We curate speed research and tips about non-traditional mobile performance. We do site tuneups and rebuild websites for extreme performance. People come to our site to improve website excellence. Speed is an indicator of website quality and a primary factor in good user experience (UX). It communicates site-owner empathy for users.

We teach how to creatively remove unnecessary slow components from WordPress core. And then reveal how to speed up pages and posts without any coding. Our performance budget is under a 2-second load time – or 2000 milliseconds. What matters is load time for best user experience. Speed test scores and ratings are meaningless.

We advocate using discrete plugins. When plugins have multi-functions, they get heavy fast. It’s better for speed to use discrete plugins (one function with few or no settings) rather than a multi-function plugin. Often 100 fast-loading discrete plugins are equal to one single, inefficient, multi-function plugin.

Any page using origin-optimization strategy always loads faster. Sloppy site-origin masks the causes of real bloat. Apathy is the true cause of bloat.

Plug-and-play discrete plugins are more bulletproof. Using discrete plugins for individual features is faster. These plugins usually load in under 1 millisecond.

Discrete plugins allow us to selectively activate or deactivate plugin functions on a page-by-page basis. This is always useful, especially on an e-commerce site. The store pages are dynamic. They often won’t work with caching plugins – or other plugins used for minification.

I’m Steve Teare, performance engineer at PagePipe in Palouse Washington. I’m in the website-hospitality business.

I love to teach people how to unconventionally speed up their websites to help mobile users. My mission is saving the internet from WordPress abuse.

I serve web developers and WordPress website owners around the world. 70 percent of my audience is outside the U.S.

They want their site to “feel” excellent. Speed helps them deliver a good first impression. Their website feels quality-built — and is welcoming with hospitality. This improves its search-engine page ranking.

It’s selfish to only think about how speed benefits a site owner. They soon realize what speed can do for others. It’s a kindness. It’s empathetic. They’re giving a gift to their users. Their perspective changes. Plus, they learn how to save boatloads of money. No more annual fees. Creative performance optimization reduces their technical cost.

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