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PagePipe Speed Hospital Course

Identity Design

Creative Direction
Steve Teare

Creative Brief

1. Product Description

Speed Hospital is a 12-episode module, $500, self-hosted, downloadable video course. It’s a step-by-step walk-through of how PagePipe optimizes WordPress website performance. They are 15-minute segments. Video production is combined with screencasting, live voice, and automated scripted voice over. This teaches expert technical knowledge.

Each video focuses on how to use a hard-to-find plugin. The speed principles  are elaborated at a whiteboard. The plugin use is a screencast video. Commentary and voiceover is added after the fact. Sounds effects and open-source video is used.

2. Features Differentiating Speed Hospital

PAGEPIPE TECHNICAL BLOG: We improve site origin optimization. You then avoid increased website annual overhead cost caused by popular and paid plugins and theme rental fees. Also, it reduces hosting costs with cheaper shared servers and no CDN or server cache fees. The performance goal is two-second page load times or better.

Our approach to solving mobile performance problems is unconventional and creative. We always use free resources whenever possible. We provide speed alternatives for International site-owners and developers who use low-cost, shared hosting without CDN.

We do WordPress speed evaluation and research. That’s value analysis of mobile page assets in millisecond load times. Value analysis is a concept we’ve borrowed from industrial manufacturing. It’s a method for building quality into products without depleting scarce resources.

We use value analysis principles from lean manufacturing and high-tech startups. Applying these unconventional perspectives to websites is our discipline. We sell our business expertise as speed analysts and problem solvers. That includes faster, simpler, non-coding solutions with WordPress-authorized themes and plugins. We help you discover unrealized opportunities for speed.

Value analysis includes 5 components: combination, simplification, elimination, standardization, and substitution. These fundamentals require creativity and wise judgment.

We build with open-source assets (plugins and themes). This can save client’s over $500 per year in reduced website overhead. Our expertise is solving real-world, page-speed problems. Speed is the most critical component of user experience. Bad speed means no user experience. People hate slow loading web pages.

3. Target Audience
Customers are domestic and international web developers and website owners. 75 percent of our audience are international readers. 80 percent of our traffic is on desktop. Very high. We get 10,000 visitors per month reading PagePipe content. It’s not quantity. It’s quality of visitors. They stay and read for long periods of time. They are a mix of 70 percent male and 30 percent female.

4. Deliverables
12@ 15-minute tutorials about how to improve speed. These skills help developers make more money selling professional speed services to their existing client base. Website owners can speed up their own sites.

5. Competition
We have direct competition. The biggest is WP Faster WordPress optimization services. They don’t focus on mobile speed like we do.

They host their course here:

We suspect WP Faster produces similar performance results in the end … but you pay double to triple the cost. The sky’s the limit with their pricing.

So the price is a big difference. But our speed philosophy is different, too. We use the Pareto principle – 80/20 rule – as our guide. This is value analysis. Or cost-benefit analysis. We discover unrealized speed improvement opportunity.

Anything you want that isn’t the WP-Faster way voids their refund policy. They, also, specifically say they “don’t teach how to do what they do.” We teach. Our goal is technical obsolescence. We want you to understand how to fix speed yourself and avoid future problems. WP Faster won’t even talk to you on the phone unless you pay a $6,000 deposit.

What WP Faster says confuses. They have abnormalities and contradictions in their FAQ section. For example:

WP Faster requires mandatory installation of the $200 per month Cloudflare plan. They say not using Cloudflare voids their warranty. What warranty? And what host do they recommend? The speed-despised, $35-per-month SiteGround hosting!

PagePipe makes your site fast on your existing shared hosting without CDN. We don’t add costs using extra affiliate services for kickbacks. We reduce your annual overhead.

The flimsy pseudo-guarantee:

“The sale is final, even if we were, through no fault of our own, unable to install, in full or in part, the performance architecture we have devised for your site.” – WP Faster

They repeat over and over: no refunds. With legal ferocity and verbosity.

Our most important speed strategy includes avoiding paid themes and popular plugins that are sluggards. Especially extravagant paid or premium add-ons. We’ve found the more popular a theme or plugin is the slower it is. Why? It’s complicated. It’s influenced by code obsolescence, feature creep, and gold plating to increase perceived market value. Those are factors of unsound ruses and mismanagement. Pretense strikes again. The unknowing herd follows.

6. Details on Tone, Message, and Style
We have a controversial and rebellious tone of “stick it to Google” in our voice. This galvanizes and polarizes the audience. Controversy is a marketing strategy that garners a higher fan base. We claim our mission is to save the Internet from WordPress abuse. Our products and services use medical healing names like: Plugin Surgery, Speed Hospital, Toxic WordPress, Web Therapy, etc.

We feel speed is a kindness. It’s good manners, etiquette, and hospitality. It is a subconscious indicator of website quality.

PagePipe uses yellow-orange, dark blue, dark red, and grays colors. Most graphics are lightweight PNG illustrations. Visit website to sample colors.

One free video has been produced as an experiment:

12:12 minutes. Click image to watch now.
This production is too boring.

7. Typography: The website uses fast-loading utilitarian mobile system fonts. We will not use webfonts (aka Google Fonts). Signage is built with Myriad Pro and Myriad Pro Condensed type families.

8. Ownership
Steve Teare
performance engineer

APPENDIX 1: Video Topics

  1. image optimization and media libary management, lazy loading, imsanity
  2. disable FA adn Google Fonts.
  3. minification, caching, PHP, gzip, far futures, jQuery, favicons
  4. remove residue with Asset Queue Manager
  5. get rid of emojis, oembed, google maps, xml-rpc, child theme, sliders, SSL, recaptcha
  6. using speed tests, ttfb, hosts
  7. security, GA,
  8. selective activation, site drag,
  9. P3
  10. evergreen

APPENDIX 2: Marketing Communication Strategy

Each module or episode will have a product name. They buy the video as a download and it includes the free plugin so they don’t have to hunt for it. It also includes a reprint PDF of a pertinent PagePipe article on the topic. And also some boilerplate material about how to know when you have too many plugins or when plugins are stale.

Example 1:

ShinySwitch episode
Shutdown targeted plugins wreaking global site drag.

Video tutorial download demonstrates how to use the unusual, esoteric, and obscure PLUGIN LOGIC plugin. Go ahead. Use the native plugin installer. 40 pages of search results for that name. It’s listed as 135th item. Save time and grief.
Free lightweight WordPress plugin included with digital video instructions. Don’t dig through the 55,000 plugin directory labyrinthine.

Example 2:

ScriptCrypt episode
Stop various unneeded slow or bloated scripts and styles originating from WordPress Core and plugins.

Video tutorial download demonstrates how to use the thorny and intricate ASSET QUEUE MANAGER plugin.
Free lightweight WordPress plugin included with digital download demonstration.

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